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Orana Engineering Townsville

 About Orana Engineering

Orana Engineering began its operation as a provider of engineering services to the surface operations of coal mines and metalliferous mines.  Having extensive prior experience working for mining operations and observing that many mining and heavy industrial operations had closed down their internal engineering departments, the management of Orana Engineering identified a void to which it could add value to its clients' business.  For Orana Engineering this strategy has been very successful, with its success built on the foundations of the company’s business model, mission statement and the discipline of having them engrained into the everyday operation of the business.  Orana Engineering has expanded its market providing engineering services into the sectors of underground coal, underground metalliferous, oil and gas, heavy industrial and government. Orana Engineering has also expanded its engineering services to include project management, client engineer and drawing management (a service highly valued by our clients).

Orana Engineering’s Business Model

A business model was developed with the primary goal to in effect become a site’s engineering team, to fill the void and provide discipline specific engineering and design drafting service for the day to day “breadcrumb” engineering projects that are common on an operating site.  For the plan and the business to be successful, the directors identified that Orana Engineering needed to act as if we were the site’s engineers, by which we needed to:

Orana Engineering has found this business model to be highly successful and valued by our clients and largely a source of stability for the business and the staff of Orana Engineering.

Orana Engineering’s Mission Statement

Orana Engineering aims to develop long term relationships with a select group of mining and heavy industrial companies with the goal to be their preferred engineering services provider for their:

To achieve this mission, Orana Engineering together with its workers shall:

Orana Engineering’s Business Philosophy

Orana Engineering promotes a business philosophy that it believes will offer the best opportunity of achieving the company’s mission statement.  The philosophy as represented by the following image in principle considers that:

Orana Engineering Clients and Employees

which then in turn provides income and growth necessary for Orana Engineering to look after its employees.