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Orana Engineering Townsville


Electrical Engineering Consultants

Electrical energy is extremely efficient to store and easy to transfer and as a result is most commonly used throughout the world for the operation of devices and equipment.  In addition to operating mechanical systems, electricity is also used as an energy source for chemical processes (e.g. refining), thermal processes (e.g. smelting) and electronic systems.

The field of electrical engineering covers the design, installation, operation and management of electrical distribution and electrical storage systems.  It relates to the safe, efficient and reliable transfer (i.e. supply) of electrical energy to power equipment and systems that are used within an operating plant or site.  Electrical engineering is also designing the transmission and distribution of power for systems such as instrumentation and control systems, electrical plant and equipment as well as communications networks.

Orana Engineering is experienced with the electrical engineering of both LV (Low Voltage) and HV (High Voltage) systems and have the capabilities and resources to provide engineering services for:

We provide specialist electrical engineering services to coal, metalliferous, oil and gas clients as well as industrial and commercial clients. Explore the case studies below for more information on electrical engineering services by Orana Engineering.

Orana Engineering Electrical Engineering

Reagents Lightning Protection

To ensure the CHPP reagent tank farm lighting protection systems were adequate and complied with Australian standards, Moranbah North requested Orana Engineering undertake a review and design for an upgrade of the lightning protection systems (LPS) installed for the tank farm area. more

Sewage Treatment Plant Refurbishment

To increase productivity as well as maintaining compliance with current legislative standards, Glencore Coal employed the services of Orana Engineering to design, manage and oversee the installation of the electrical portion of their sewage treatment plant upgrade. more

Site DCS Support

Oaky Creek Coal’s (OCC) Coal Handling and Preparation Plant (CHPP) utilises a Yokogawa Distributed Control System (DCS) for control and monitoring of their operation. The system also incorporates Yokogawa’s OPC server and Exaquantum data historian. In addition, OCC utilises a number of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) for specific operational purposes, with a number of the PLCs interfaced back to the DCS for control and monitoring functions. more

CHPP Conveyor Capacity Audit

Vale Carborough Downs Coal Mine (CDCM) required details of the current and possible future capacities of their Module 1 & 2 product conveyors at their coal processing plant in Central Queensland. As a result, Orana Engineering was engaged by the CDCM site engineering and maintenance team to perform the necessary site visits, calculations and reporting. The study consisted of 8 plant conveyors and outlined high level recommendations of modifications required for the plant to achieve higher tonnages. more

Tippler Refurbishment Feasibility

The Glencore Port Operations in Townsville operate an export facility for minerals concentrate and refined copper within the Port of Townsville precinct. The concentrate in-loading rotaside tippler has been identified as being at end of life and a feasibility study was commissioned in order to review the like-for-like replacement option for refurbishment of the tippler, considering the increased demand on the tippler moving forward. more

Electrical Specifications

To ensure site consistency of electrical design and installation standards as well as compliance with relevant Australian standards and state legislation, Oaky Creek Coal’s Electrical Engineering Manager (EEM) engaged the services of Orana Engineering for the preparation of new site electrical specifications. more

Combabula Bore Pump

Prime Pump Company was contracted by Origin Energy and Laing O’Rourke to supply an upgraded bore pumping system at an existing bore site at the Origin Energy Combabula site. RIE Services was contracted by Prime Pump Company to provide supply and installation of the electrical components for the upgrade. more

Process Water RO Plant Vendor Drawing Registration

After commissioning of their Process Water Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant, Oaky Creek Coal received approximately 150 electrical drawings from the vendor. To ensure that all of these drawings were readily available for the correct site personnel, Oaky Creek Coal (OCC) engaged the services of Orana Engineering for the purpose of registering these drawings into their drawing management system more

APA Group Tender

APA Group released a project for tender that involved electrical and instrumentation works targeting to rectify minor hazardous area compliance issues identified in a hazardous area audit. Condamine Electric Company (CEC) tendered on this work and engaged Orana Engineering to prepare a detailed estimate of project costs necessary to complete the rectification works. more

Tailings Pumping System - As-Built

At the completion of the Tailings Pumping Upgrade for both the Main CHPP and Module 4 CHPP at Oaky Creek Coal, Orana Engineering received As Built mark-up drawings and documentation by the site project manager and was requested to make electronic revisions to the drawings and upload them into the site drawing management system. more

Redraw Electrical Drawings

To ensure plant maintainability and personnel safety, Dyno Nobel employed the services of Orana Engineering to redraw its low voltage (LV) and high voltage (HV) single line diagrams (SLD) whilst also confirming the drawings accuracy and functionality. more

Flotation Cell Upgrade

In an effort to increase the efficiency of their concentrator, Eloise Copper Mine enlisted the services of Orana Engineering to provide engineering and design assistance for the installation of 3 new copper concentrate scavenger cells, within the existing processing plant. more

Onsite Accommodation Camp Services

Orana Engineering was engaged by Oaky Creek Coal Mine in Central Queensland to assist with the design and construction of an onsite accommodation camp on the mine lease, including primarily the HV substation for power supply and potable water storage & supply. more

Redraw Dragline DL007 Drawings

To improve the maintainability of plant electrical systems and personnel safety, Hail Creek Mine employed the drawing revision services of Orana Engineering to redraw all electrical power, control and termination diagrams associated with its Dragline 7 (DL007) into AutoCAD format more

MIBC & Diesel Upgrade

The purpose of the Reagent System Upgrade project at Oaky Creek was to install new reagent storage tanks, discharge/ delivery pumping system and automated flow control distribution manifolds for the delivery of each reagent to the nominated process connections. In the event of failure of the automated flow control system, rotameters for manual reagent addition were included as a contingency. more

10M TAGS Sled

At James Cook University, MBD Energy operates a research facility investigating methods of cultivating and harvesting algae. To allow the scientists to better control the algae agitation sleds, MBD Energy engaged the services of Orana Engineering to design and commission the mechanical, electrical and control systems that would enable the agitation sled velocity and frequency of travel to be automated. more

22M Flyover Conveyor

Oaky Creek Coal engaged Orana Engineering to perform the electrical and control system engineering design for the 22M Flyover Conveyor. The new conveyor provides an interface between two existing conveyor systems. more

Underground Workshop Concept Design

Due to expanding operations, Oaky North underground operations considered that there could be benefit to having an underground workshop including refuelling stations to reduce vehicle travel times and increase efficiencies of vehicle movements. Orana Engineering was engaged to provide concept design and estimating assistance for internal project approvals. more

Mobile Plant Electrical Drawing Books

To improve the maintainability of plant electrical systems and personnel safety, Hail Creek Mine employed the drawing management services of Orana Engineering to create bound books of electrical drawings for Dragline 1 (DL001), Dragline 7 (DL007) and Shovel 14 (SH014). Multiple books were made for each machine (in A4 & A3 sizes). more

Yokogawa DCS Upgrade

Orana Engineering has since 2005 provided 24/7 support for Oaky Creek Coal’s (OCC) control systems. At the Coal Handling & Preparation Plant (CHPP) OCC uses a Yokogawa DCS as the primary control system, which was originally installed in 1998. The system is very robust and the hardware, software and its configuration has proven to be very reliable and highly cost effective. more